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Dear guests,

The STAY INN FILOTHEI Hotel has opened its doors to guests! Our staff is ready to welcome you. Please note that we follow all the latest hygiene and safety protocols.

About your accommodation

We always ensure excellent Hygiene and Safety standards for our guests, in line with the latest guidelines issued by the Greek government, the European Union and the World Health Organization. This means that:

1. We can welcome you in a safe environment with new contactless check-in and check out.

2. We clean and disinfect rooms and common areas thoroughly, in accordance with the official Hygiene protocols for hotels.

3. Our staff is trained and certified to use their safety equipment, proper tools and approved materials, to follow processes and apply protocols for cleaning, disinfecting and running the lobby area and our rooms. 

4. We make sure that our staff keeps the appropriate social distance and we ask our customers to practice social distancing as well. 

5. We have placed hand sanitisers in all high contact areas of the hotel. 

6. As a precaution, delivery of food or services by third parties to the hotel is prohibited. Visits to the rooms by non-residents are also prohibited. 

7. As a hotel policy, we used to offer room cleaning services every day. However, the latest regulations suggest “periodic cleaning of the rooms during stay … unless requested by the customer”. On arrival, please let the reception know how often you would need your room to be cleaned. 

8. Check-in time: 3:00pm /  Check-out time: 11:00am 

9. Check-out after 11:00am and until 6:00pm is subject to availability and can be arranged with the reception desk. Late check-out is subject to a 50% charge on the price of 1 night. 

10. All our rooms and indoor spaces are smoking-free. Smoking is allowed only in the balcony and the outdoor common areas. 

11. No pets allowed in our hotel.

Our goal
We remain focused on offering excellent quality services in line with the latest hygiene and safety protocols established by the competent public health bodies across all operations. Stay Safe – Choose a Safe Stay!

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